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Membership benefits

The Guild of Battlefield Guides wishes to foster good communication with fellow member guides, the public and the industry. However, not everybody in the industry will want, or indeed should want, to become a member. No pressure or adverse comment should be put upon those who do not share our vision but for those who do this is a list of the potential benefits membership could bring.

Naturally those who set up the Guild hope those who join the Guild will fully involve themselves but Members do not have to avail themselves to the whole, wide–ranging package but are free to select which aspects suit them best and to participate to whatever degree they wish.

The Guild of Guides is a professional body and, like others of its ilk, aims to establish and safeguard its own ethos and high standards but also seeks to create comradeship amongst the Guiding Fraternity by being beneficial to its members and encouraging mutual support and friendship.

Professional benefits
  • To be part of an elite group devoted to furthering the understanding and practice of your craft

  • To have the opportunity to become actively engaged in developing the greater understanding and pioneering advances in the practice of your craft

  • To be awarded and to make use of a publicly recognized qualification at a good academic level, purposely designed for this highly specialised profession

  • To wear a recognizable badge that marks you out as a tested and skilled Guide, associating you with a hallmark of credibility in the eyes of the public

  • To not have one's worth reliant upon anecdote but to know you have proved yourself capable in the eyes of your peers

  • To have the opportunity to help tour operators enhance their product and to improve guide performance and service to their customers

  • To have the opportunity to share professional interests and concerns with others who do the same job
Practical benefits
  • To hone your existing skills, initially through the validation process and thereafter by attending Guild events aimed at developing and improving performance

  • To have an opportunity of extending your knowledge, understanding and perhaps area of work, through attending Guild events aimed at offering papers and seminars on other periods or theatres of war

  • To extend your knowledge, compare interpretations, discuss standards and share practical advice with those who have also read the contemporary evidence and/or visited the sites you tour

  • To have an affiliation with the Battlefields Trusts with the opportunity to meet with their Trustees and members and to become a full member yourself
Promotional benefits
  • To be 'posted' with a profile on the Guild Website's public access pages among the list of all the Guild Members

  • To have access to a 'private' Guides' Website for its Work Forum (where tours needing guides are advertised) and the latest travel conditions, and up–to–date information concerning battlefields and the Industry

  • To have access to the Guild's resource bank of tour, site and battle information

  • To be kept abreast of current development in battlefield interpretation, research, archeology, guiding practice, etc… through the website, activities and journal of the Guild
Social benefits
  • To have the opportunity to meet fellow Guides and Corporate and Trade Members of the Guild socially, to put faces to names and to network, with the more esoteric professional benefits that may entail

  • To make and maintain friendships with people who share your minority interest and to whom you can turn for advice and help with projects or ventures

  • To have access to the Guild's exciting annual programme of activities and events including its prestigious annual dinner

'The club within a guild that offers a
validated pride'