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Dennis J Weatherall JP TM AFAITT(L) LSM

Born Sydney Australia, first badged member from the 'Great Southern Land' and awarded his Badge at the 2007 AGM of the Guild at RAF Uxbridge in November of that year. Dennis served in the Australian Navy for many years and became interested in post WWII Australian Military History, originally as a hobby. It soon turned into a passion and was invited in 2004 to join the Guild by Inaugural Guild Secretary Greame Cooper,  after having worked together in the Battlefields of the Western Front. He is also the holder of the first Guild Badge east of the African Continent.

In civilian life until recently, Dennis owned and operated a world wide boutique travel company specialising in professional and uniquely different destinations of the world. He's travelled the world extensively and is a regular return visitor to the UK attending Guild functions and brings to it his Naval influence and 'Colonial' humour.  Since official retirement Dennis has continued to create journeys to Australian battlefields world wide and works in association with the general Australian Travel Industry, direct clients, veteran groups and many military orientated associations to bring interested travellers to such destinations as: South Africa - Colonial Australia's Boer war 1899-1902 period, Egypt, Turkey, and the Western Front - WWI , South East Asia to Burma, Korea, Malaya, Singapore, Thailand of - WWII and to Vietnam - of the 60-70's where Australian Forces have been engaged in world conflicts of modern times. 

In the early-late 90's and beyond, Dennis was contracted to the Australian Department of Defence – ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) and RMC (Royal Military College – Duntroon) on a regular basis to plan and execute Battlefield Study Tours of Australian involvement in battlefields of ole and has taken Australian Defence Force members to such places as Vietnam, New Guinea, Borneo, Singapore, Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Western Europe. He also arranges veterans programmes to return to such recent battlefield of Vietnam and Korea. Along with memorial events suitable to those interested in Australia's Military past, such as Fall of Singapore and North Borneo – Sandakan Death Marches of WW11.

As previously mentioned Dennis has travelled extensively (he’s visited more than 110 countries in his life to date) and can be equally at home on the battlefields of Vietnam or Western Front as leading any of the 'World Journeys’ he creates to visit, to such destinations as the China Silk Road, Egypt , Korea both North and South, Trans Siberia, Central Asia, South America, Patagonian or on the plains of Mongolia, Adventure is part of his life style.

Dennis is an appointed Justice of the Peace (JP) (New South Wales since 1972), a qualified Travel Manager (TM) and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Travel and Qualifed Travel Licence holder (AFAITT- L), a Member of RUSI (Royal United Services Institute), as well as being an active member of his Sub-Branch of the  "Returned and Service League (RSL) of Australia", Naval League of Australia , Ex Navalman’s Association of Australia. He also has a love for his Vintage Austin Healey and BMW Dakar roadster. He’s married to Lady Di (Dianne) since 1968, they have two very adult sons Darryn & Jarrod and currently (as at May 2012) proud Grandparents of two gransons. 

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Dennis J Weatherall

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