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Path to the Badge

The Guide Badge of the Guild guarantees that the wearer has been prepared, assessed and registered in accordance with the Guild's standards of knowledge, practice and the performance of the duty of care and that the Guide is able to communicate his/her extensive expertise in an interesting and entertaining manner.
  • The Validation Programme is soundly based in the standards and practice of pre–degree NVQ level 3 awards and has both verification and quality inspection controls

  • To earn the Badge candidates have to undertake nine pieces of work which are assessed by trained validators from among their peer experts in their fields.

Validation is for established and experienced practising guides, of some years' standing. Before embarking on the Badge process candidates must satisfy the Validation Secretary (address below) that they have sufficient guiding experience.

Full details of the Validation Requirements and Process are contained in the Validation Brochure, which may be downloaded from the Guild Validation Programme section within the 'Member's area' of the website. The required outcomes for each Assignment are laid down in the Brochure, where the assignment briefs go into more depth and detail. Put very simply the nine tasks are:
  1. Give a talk about a battle or action of your choice

  2. Produce a series of maps showing the progress of a battle or produce a short information booklet which could be handed out on tour

  3. Research and make notes on dealing with 'difficult' situations on a tour or list the types of audiences that might go on tour and how your presentation should vary to suit them

  4. Draw up a chart delineating the differences between a Guide and a Tour Manager or design a feedback questionnaire allowing people to comment/report on your tour

  5. Answer questions put to you about practical problems you might encounter on tour

  6. Gather copies of at least three sources for a battle and lead a Seminar analysing them and discussing their use on tour

  7. Design a battlefield tour route and list salient points for the stand

  8. Produce a file of visitors' support material for a specific battlefield area

  9. Compose a list of what you consider makes a good tour

Completion of the Badge gives great satisfaction and pride in knowing you have achieved the work at a recognised academic level and that you have been validated and approved by your peers.

The Process

Candidates must first attempt and pass Assignment 1 (The 20 Minute Presentation). NB For reasons of practicality and consistency, Validation opportunities for the 'live' Assignments (1, 5 and 6) will normally occur only on the Guild weekends in Feb, Apr and Nov of each year.

After passing Assignment 1 candidates may then proceed with the rest of the Assignments in any order by applying to sit a Presentation Assignment (5 & 6) and/or submitting completed Homework Assignments (2, 3, 4, 7, 8 & 9) together or individually to the Validation Secretary. If submitted by post, a stamped, self–addressed return envelope must be included for each Assignment. Submissions may also be made by email.

The Validation Secretary assigns and forwards the work to a Guild Validator to assess. The Validator marks the submission and completes the Feedback Sheet before forwarding both to the Chief Validator, who will scrutinise them before returning both to the candidate.
  • If the work is passed the Candidate photocopies the Feedback Sheet/s and sends it/them to the Validation Secretary for central records and publication of the achievement on the Guild website.

  • If the work is referred, the Candidate submits a revised submission to the Validation Secretary, together with a copy of the previous Feedback Sheet and a stamped, self–addressed return envelope for each Assignment. The Validation Secretary forwards the resubmission to the original Validator. The process then continues as shown above.
On successful completion of all Assignments, the award of the Badge will be confirmed by the Validation Secretary. On receipt of this confirmation, candidates may claim their Badge from the Membership Secretary.


We do not envisage a need for a formal appeal procedure due to the open and shared value nature of validation by outcomes. Candidates should be fully aware of any and all reasons for referral – lack of such awareness is the usual cause for appeals in testing systems. Exceptionally, should any candidate feel unjustly or unfairly treated in any matter relating to Validation, they should approach the Validation Secretary in writing with reasons for their appeal. The matter will be investigated by either the Director of Validation or the Chief Validator, or both, and either officer may require a Validator to comment upon a situation. The decision of either individual will be final.

Validation Secretary

Alison Hine
Chapel House
Post Office Lane
Nr Whitchurch
Shropshire SY13 2RL
United Kingdom