Two special sheets of stamps have been released by Bletchley Park Post Office, once the undercover mail room of the Enigma code breakers. In the first offering, they have teamed up with Home Front History UK to produce a unique collector’s sheet of ten Royal Mail stamps. Called “The Home Front Remembered” it is a tribute to those who served “on the Home Front” during World War Two and shows the diversity of Home Front roles as portrayed at 1940s re-enactment events. These ‘living history’ portrayals are increasingly important as the period passes from living memory. The stamp sheet has also been designed to be mounted and framed as a display piece rather than just tucked away in the traditional collector’s album. Artist and designer Natalie Orchard has also linked it to her book jacket design for the John Leete book ‘A re-enactor’s war’, considered by many as the definite guide to Second World War re-enactment.
A second set of stamps has been produced with the National Pigeon Association featuring photographs from the first world war.
For more information stamps can be viewed at www. or by calling 01908 363489.