Andrew Duff

Accredited Guide Number: 22

Like most of my generation my family served in both World Wars and my father was a regular officer serving from WW2 to the mid-70s. It was as a child in Cyprus during the EOKA Campaign that my interest in History and Military History was sparked. My interest was further fuelled, at Sandhurst, by listening to John Keegan, David Chaundler and Peter Young. After Sandhurst I became a regular officer in the Army serving in the Infantry for 27 years followed by 10 years’ service in the Reserves with Airborne Forces.

On leaving the military I was able to indulge my love of military history and then utilise it as a guide. My interest has always been in the role played by the fighting soldier, that much derided player in military history. If you take the stories of the soldiers and officers of both sides involved and then analyse any battle using Alfred Burne’s theory of “Inherent Military Probability” you should understand what happened.

I have also, jointly with 2 fellow Accredited Guild Members, been involved in producing and presenting 50 films with Battlefield History TV. In this enterprise we have been assisted by many fellow accredited guides and have I believe added to the objective study of many battles.

I get immense pleasure in researching, planning and delivering battlefield tours to all types of client, from student groups, bespoke adult tours, military units and military headquarters, each has it challenges and rewards.


AgincourtArdennesBastogneBattle of AnzioBattle of CalaisBattle of the BulgeCassinoCrecyFall of BerlinFall of FranceGallipoliHastingsHastings CampaignNorman Conquest of EnglandNormandy Preparations in UKPoitiersSinai and Palestine CampaignStanford BridgeVerdunVillers-BretonneuxVimy RidgeWWIWaterlooWellington’s Peninsular battlesYpres



Areas of Expertise

The 100 Years War
Wellington in Spain and Portugal
The Western Front WW1
The Americans in WW1
The Italian Front WW1
The Battle of The Bulge
Cold War