Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – Guild Compliance

The EU’s GDP Regulations come into force on 25 May 2018. The Guild is required to comply with them.

The Guild needs to retain certain personal data of its members in order to maintain its relationship to them.

You are required to give your positive consent to the Guild, affirming that you agree to this.

If you do not positively agree then Guild cannot keep your personal data. This will, in effect, make it impossible to retain membership.

The purpose of retaining your data is to enable the Guild to maintain a register of current and former members, in order to carry out Guild business. Personal data includes:

  • Your full name and title (this includes current or former military ranks, and honours and awards, where this information was originally provided by members)
  • Your address (for the sending of mail to you, e.g., Despatches Magazine)
  • Your email address(es) (to enable you to receive Weekly Updates and other communications from the Secretary, and emails from others for Guild business)
  • Your ‘phone number(s) (so that The Secretary and others can contact you rapidly on Guild business if required)
  • Your assigned Guild membership number
  • Your assigned Accredited Member Badge number
  • Your current and past membership status
  • Details of moneys paid to the Guild in respect of membership fees
  • Year of leaving the Guild, for ex-members
  • Any commercial affiliations, e.g., if you work for specific tour operators

We believe that this is the minimum data that we need to retain for Guild business purposes. We will maintain no records of any other data beyond this. With the exception of an address list forwarded to the publishers of Despatches for each mailing, the data will never be passed on to any other organisation for any purpose whatsoever.

The full copy will be maintained by the Membership Secretary under password protection. The Membership Secretary will maintain two copies of the latest version in separate locations for security and backup purposes. The Secretary and Membership Secretary will have access to it at all times for the day-to-day running of the Guild. It will be provided to other Board members at their request.

An edited copy of the data will reside in the members’ area of the Guild website. It will contain name; email address; membership number; accreditation status; and broad geographic location, only. No other details will be made available to the membership.

You are entitled to see the full data of your own personal data only, at no cost to you. This may be done by e-mail application to the Membership Secretary, who will reply at their earliest convenience.

You are entitled to challenge your own personal data and have it corrected, if inaccurate, at no cost to you.

The Guild, as a company, is required to maintain financial records for seven years after the business year ends. Because your membership fee is a financial transaction we will retain your full personal data for that period after you leave the Guild, in case of any challenge from HMRC or another Government body. Because of the legal requirement we cannot delete your data during that period.

Once you have ceased to be a member for seven full business years your personal data will be removed and the remaining data anonymised.