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The Guild Of Battlefield Guides Membership Benefits

The International Guild of Battlefield Guides offers members a number of benefits

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Professional benefits

  • Being part of the only organisation in the world devoted to furthering the understanding and practice of the craft of battlefield guiding
  • Offering members the opportunity to be awarded Accredited Member status and to make use of a publicly recognised qualification set at a good academic level, purposely designed for this highly specialised profession.
  • As an Accredited Member, to wear a recognisable badge that marks you out as a tested and skilled Guide, associating you with a hallmark of credibility in the eyes of the public
  • To be recognised as a Member of the Guild and having subscribed to the standards and ethics of the Guild as set out in its Code of Conduct
  • Having the opportunity to share professional interests and concerns with others

Practical benefits

  • To provide opportunities for self-improvement by honing professional skills, both through the validation process and by attending events aimed at developing and improving performance
  • To extend knowledge, compare interpretations, discuss standards and share practical advice with those who have also read the contemporary evidence and/or visited the sites you visit.
  • To be kept abreast of current developments in battlefield interpretation, research, archaeology, guiding practice, travel conditions etc. through our website, activities, the Guild weekly update and the Guild magazine “Despatches”
  • To have access to the Guild’s annual programme of activities and events including its annual Conference and dinner
  • To be able to apply for an ETOA guide ID card through the Guild’s membership of the organisation which in addition to getting free admission to many sites, gives you free guiding related legal advice. Their website is also a mine of up to date travel information.
  • Access to negotiated discounts on various battlefield related goods and services. These range from books and maps, clothing to parking charges.
  • A centrally negotiated Public Liability insurance policy which enables members to cover themselves at a significantly lower cost than they would be able to achieve themselves.

Promotional benefits

  • Having become an Accredited Member, to be ‘posted’ with a profile on the Guild Website’s public access pages
  • Having access as an Accredited Member to guiding work requests received by the Guild from time to time.
  • To use the symbols of the Guild on your individual promotional and marketing materials (please see Guidelines on using Guild Symbols)

Social benefits

  • To have the opportunity to meet fellow Members and the Guild Partners socially, putting faces to names and creating networking opportunities
  • To make and maintain friendships with people who share your interest and to whom you can turn for advice and help with projects or ventures

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