Battlefield Guide Events

The Guild and its members organise a series of member events throughout the year. These fall into a number of different categories....

Core Weekends

Four core Guild weekends each year are scheduled to avoid the main guiding season and include: Two weekends in the UK;  A weekend outside the UK;  The Annual Conference weekend. Each weekend covers subject matter that caters for as wide a cross section of the membership as possible. Recent topics have ranged from the latest thinking on the ‘Lions led by Donkeys’ argument to a practical demonstration of how to put together a Roman testudo!


The aim of the ‘recces’ is to allow guides to share knowledge of specific battlefields, campaigns or anniversaries with colleagues. It also allows them to confirm, in a cost effective manner, the continued suitability of essential and practical elements of their tours such as stand locations, accommodation, museums, hostelries etc.

Continuous Professional Development

The Guild encourages members to run Continuous Professional Development events. These allow members to develop their knowledge of the different facets of the battlefield tour market such as schools, military groups etc.

Regional Events

As the membership of the Guild grows there is increasingly the development of a ‘critical mass’ of members in particular regions and these organise their own events. In addition, the Guild supports social activities amongst members.


Social Events

The Guild of Battlefield Guides has an active social scene throughout the year. From the big end of year dinner to regular golf days, we hope you'll get involved.

Validation Events

As well as the validations that take place at Core Weekends, the Validation Team provide one day events located around the country at which members can undertake and observe Assignments 1, 5 and 6.