Complaints against Guild Members

If you are dissatisfied with the professional conduct of a Guild member, please follow our guidance for making a complaint. The Guild Code of Conduct is binding on all Guild Members. If you believe that a Member has fallen short of the Code of Conduct, these Guidelines  will help you to:

  • determine if there are grounds for making a complaint
  •  understand the steps to follow
  • explain the process taken to reach a decision

If after having read the guidelines you feel that an Guild member has behaved unprofessionally and decide that you do wish to make a complaint, follow the steps set out in the Guidelines or request a copy of the initial information pack and Complaint Form by emailing the Guild Secretary.

Matters the Guild can investigate

The Guild only has powers to deal with breaches of the Guild’s Code of Conduct by its members. It’s important you realise what the Guild can and cannot do. The Guild does not resolve the complaint itself – that remains a matter between you and the Guild member concerned.

The Guild cannot:

  • deal with concerns or complaints about anyone who is not a member of the Guild
  •  deal with matters that are not in breach of the Guild’s Code of Conduct
  •  pay compensation to you or instruct a Guild Member to do so
  •  determine whether a Guild Member or his/her business has acted negligently (this is for the courts to decide)
  •  interfere with or become involved in court action which you have commenced or may commence against a Guild Member and/or his/her business

What the Guild can do, however, is to investigate your complaint made against a Guild member and if a breach of the Guild’s Code of Conduct is proved, impose sanctions upon the Guild member including suspension and expulsion from the Guild and publish the findings of the Complaints procedure.

If the complaint itself is settled between you and the Guild member before your complaint and an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct has been determined by the Guild, then this fact will be taken into account by the Guild in making its decision.