Berlin Recce

A group of Members went on a Guild Recce to Berlin between 7th and 11th October. The recce was organised by Chris Finn and focussed primarily on the Battle of Berlin of 1945 when German forces were facing ferocious attacks from Soviet forces.

Visits included many of the World War Two and Cold War sites around the city, as well as a number of places outside. Visiting the major Soviet and German memorials and looking at the battlefields on the outskirts, the group considered the difficulties faced by both attackers and defenders. They also had a chance to consider the extent of German resistance to the Nazi regime when visiting Benderblock.

Following an excellent visit to the Luftwaffe Museum at Gatow on the penultimate day of the recce,  a sobering visit to Sachsenhausen concentration camp was reserved until the last day before departures back to home.

An excellent Guild recce and good company!