Malcolm Jones

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Malcolm Jones BA (Hons)

Malcolm is a British Military Historian, who specializes in the campaigns and battles of Wellington in Spain during the Peninsular War. He is a member of the ‘Society for Army Historical Research’ and a Badged member of the Guild since 2009.

Malcolm has always been interested in History and the military, which developed from an early age. His main love and focus has always been the Second World War, the Indian Mutiny, and the British colonial army of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. His passion for the Peninsular War campaigns and its Battlefields began some 35 years ago.

After serving in the Army, and obtaining his history degree, he worked in business management in Britain and the Middle East. Over the years he has travelled extensively throughout Portugal and Spain, much of it following in the footsteps of Wellington’s men. During this time, he fell in love with the Spanish landscape, history and culture.

Malcolm now lives in central Spain, close to many of the battlefield sites, which he has visited on many different occasions and therefore knows the areas he guides very well. He is an enthusiastic historian, who is happy to share his experience with anyone who is interested; be it Wellington’s Army, the local history, culture, food or wine.

As a Badged Member of the ‘Guild of Battlefield Guides’, Malcolm has led many Military Battlefield Studies over the last ten years and has experience of leading battlefield tours since 1993 in Germany, Poland, Crete and Spain. With a rich and knowledgeable background, you can be assured of an informative tour, presented in an enjoyable and interesting manner.


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Corunna; Moore’s Retreat; Salamanca; Ciudad Rodrigo; Almeida 1810/1811; Fuentes de Onoro; Coa River; Almaraz; Barba del Puerco 1810/1811; Garcia Hernandez; Badajoz; Albuera; Alba de Tormes 1809/1812; Salamanca Forts; Salamanca Campaign; Barrosa; Arroyo dos Molinos; Talavera; Cadiz Siege; Tarifa Siege; Burgos; Vitoria; Gibraltar; Crete 1941.