Andy Johnson

Accredited Guide Number: 52

I have been guiding battlefield tours since 2009, and have now led over 90 individual tours of one to ten days’ duration. I enjoy variety and this is reflected in the range of battles that I explore and in the variety of groups that I lead.

I am particularly proud to be a guide for the Government’s First World War Centenary Battlefield Tour Programme. I enjoy interacting with young people and get great satisfaction from helping students to explore history, whether the focus is on the effect of war on their local community, the cost of war, tactical and technical deployment, or simply for remembrance. I have a particular interest in the story of the Indian Corps on the Western Front.

I also take groups to Second World War locations, including sites related to the Combined Bomber Offensive and the German secret weapons programme. Doing this in Germany and in former occupied countries gives great insight into the effects of war and helps to explain why certain decisions were taken and why particular events took place as they did.


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Areas of Expertise

Wars covered:


First World War

  • Ypres Salient 1914-1918
  • Somme 1916 and 1918
  • German Spring Offensive and the Battle of Amiens
  • Indian Army
  • Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force


Second World War:


  • D-Day and Normandy
  • Arnhem and Operation MARKET GARDEN, including Hell’s Highway
  • Bomber Command
  • German secret weapons
  • Third Reich and the Holocaust


Areas of expertise:


  • The Air War


Other specialisms:


  • Talks on the Air War, and military and historical subjects