David Harrison

Accredited Guide Number: 103

David Harrison served in the British Army for more 30 years. He has studied extensively the
Italian campaigns of the First and Second World War from his house in the Le Marche region
of Italy. You may wish to take a group to learn about the British involvement in the First
World Campaign in the north of Italy. British involvement was a consequence of the Battle of
Caporetto, and resulted with fighting on the Asiago Plateau and along the River Piave,
before the campaign was concluded at the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. Alternatively, you may
want to follow a relative’s involvement in the Allied Second World Campaign on Sicily, at
Salerno/Monte Cassino/Anzio, or against the Gothic Line.

David is able to provide a personal package to meet your specific needs. His NATO assignments resulted in close working relationships with colleagues from the main participants in the Italian campaigns (Canada, Germany, Italy, Poland and USA), and with his operational experience in Northern Ireland,
the Balkans and Afghanistan he is able to provide rare insights into the battles. He received his accreditation (Badge 103) from the Guild in January 2020.


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Areas of Expertise

First World War – Caporetto, Asiago Plateau and Vittorio Veneto.
Second World War – Invasion of Sicily, Salerno/Monte Cassino/Anzio and Gothic Line.

Other specialisms – Researching the campaigns of individuals. Staff rides.