Richard Burgess

Accredited Guide Number: 83

Richard has worked covertly at national and international level within the intelligence community and on covert serious and organised crime investigation and disruption. He is a former source handler and anti and counter surveillance operative (nationally accredited).

In 2017 Richard was honoured by Prime Minister May having been nominated for the National Police Bravery Award. He was regional winner for his action in saving the life of a Jewish male while in Israel.

He is qualified in Christian Studies through Chelmsford Cathedral (graded exceptional) and is currently examining his Christian calling. At some point, he hopes to become an ordained Church of England vicar.

Richard frequently engages in group talks and lectures, after dinner speeches and sermons. Enjoyment is gained from ethics and ‘faith’ based tours to all locations of study. These tend to focus on moral and theological issues. Poetry and personal accounts as well as witness records are used to augment the learning experience.

Holocaust tours are client focused according to requirement with the objective of providing balanced understanding of ‘The Jewish Question’. They are also used to focus minds on policies that underpinned the Nazi regime – surely a must for anyone with an interest in progressing learning in world war military history?

Richard welcomes business and is happy to tailor bespoke field trips, faith and non-faith pilgrimages on an individual client basis. He has a wide experience working with Adult groups, schools, disadvantaged young people and individuals with special needs.

Client safety and security is paramount, and Richard’s years of field experience always present a well-guided and safe learning environment.




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Caters For

Adult Coach GroupsBespoke GroupSchool GroupsSpecial Educational NeedsYoung Offenders

Areas of Expertise

Wars covered:

  • First World War
  • Faith under Fire
  • Fall of France
  • Nazi Germany
  • Holocaust
  • Cold War
  • Victorian Whitechapel (Crime and Punishment and Ripper)
  • WW2 London in the Blitz

Areas of expertise:

  • Faith
  • Ethics
  • Historical Background
  • Literature


Other specialisms:

  • Theology
  • Social History
  • Criminology