Simon Burgess

Accredited Guide Number: 108

Simon retired from the British Army in November 2022, and qualified as a badged guide (Badge 108) in May 2020.

He originally served in the Royal Air Force before leaving to pursue a career in the oil industry, and also serving as a reserve officer. Rather to his surprise he ended up joining the Regular Army 9 years ago.

Simon has served on operations in Gulf War 1, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq (where he ran Basrah Fire Brigade) and twice as an aviation planner in Afghanistan (including with the US Marine Corps) and has worked at battlegroup, brigade and divisional level .

He has served as the Operations Officer in the Attack Helicopter Force HQ, and as the aviation specialist in the Collective Training Group at the Land Warfare Centre. He delivered training to brigade and division HQs, particularly in the use of aviation and air land integration.

Simon has recently guided tours to Normandy, Sicily and the Western Front battlefields of World War 1.

He is particularly interested in Normandy in WW2 (particularly the British 6th Airborne Division) and in all aspects of air power in WW1 and WW2.

He is also passionate about the American Civil War, particularly Gettysburg and the Eastern theatre battles.


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Areas of Expertise

WW2 – Normandy landing beaches and Battle of Normandy generally,  particularly British 6 Airborne Division. US landing beaches and airborne operations. Operation Goodwood, Epsom and the break-out from Caen.

Royal Air Force in Normandy.

WW2 Royal Air Force, Battle of Britain and Bomber Command.

WW1 – Somme and Ypres.

Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force in WW1.

American Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg and the Eastern theatre (Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville etc).