Award of Honorary Membership of The International Guild of Battlefield Guides – Dr. Christopher L. Scott

On behalf of the Management Board, and the entire Membership, I am very pleased to announce the award of honorary membership of the IGBG to Dr. Christopher L. Scott.  Chris has been involved in Guild activities since the very inception of the idea of a ‘Guild’.  He played a pivotal role in steering the development of the GBG and was at the forefront of creating the validation syllabus that has been the bedrock of the Guild for our entire existence.  As Chairman I have always been able to turn to Chris for an honest, candid and well reasoned opinion.  He has always had the interests and future of our organisation close to his heart, and still does.  Even after many years at the head of our hardworking validation team, Chris remains active in the Guild and offers support, contributes articles, reviews and, where necessary, a probing question highlighting members’ concerns.  Finally, the acid test, what kind of a Battlefield Guide is Chris Scott?  Those of us who were lucky enough to attend the Annual Conference in Mons in 2019 will remember his masterful delivery on the field of Malplaquet, a real benchmark for aspiring guides to aim for.

Honorary Membership recognises a significant contribution to the IGBG and to the Battlefield industry; it is a rare accolade, and is well deserved by Chris – I hope that you will all join me in recognition of Chris Scott’s contribution to our Guild and congratulate him on the award of Honorary Membership of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides.

Mike Peters