Corporate Battlefields Ltd

Developing business people, through battlefield insight – Serious Business

Formed in 2007, Corporate Battlefields has delivered something new, unique, proven, and memorable to senior management teams in terms of ‘Leadership Learning’.

Why is the battlefield the toughest place to take a management team for leadership learning? Because, as in business, there is always someone on the other side of the hill thinking against you.’  The Battlefield is the platform not the purpose.

Senior organisations we have delivered to: Amicus, BAe, BAT, Boeing, Brother UK, eBay, House of Lords, HSBC, Lilly, UPS, OLX, SHAPE, Sanitech, Director General European Union and others.

Guild Members Chris Scott, David Winn, Sue King, Mike Peters, Tony Coutts-Britton, Clive Harris, Frank Toogood and Richard Holmes have been employed on Corporate Battlefield events.

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The approach is a fertile ground for management training. The Battle of Waterloo and the events that preceded it proved to be incredibly rich in content and provided a marvellous set of occurrences around which multiple teachable moments could be constructed. These range across virtually all corporate issues: Leadership, Strategy Formation, Operational Excellence, Information and Intelligence, Communication, Decision-Taking, HR and Focus.

Mike Shepherd, VP Competitor Intelligence, Unilever