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Guild Recce – Redcoats in the Pyrenees: 26-30 July 2019

A Pyrenees Recce is scheduled for 26-30 July. This 5-day Recce visits the 1813-14 Peninsular War battlefields of the Pyrenees and follows the footsteps and actions of an army that had been built and nurtured by a great leader over the five preceding years. We visit the battlefield of Vitoria where Wellington achieved one of […]

Guild Recce, Berlin

Alexanderplatz, Berlin

A five-day recce (Monday to Friday) of Berlin, including visits to Seelow, Potsdam and Gatow. There is an option on the Friday for additional visits to Sachsenhausen, Templin and a hunt round Soviet SA2 and SA3 sites north of Berlin.

Recce – The Fall of Mercia, Repton, Derbyshire

Repton Repton Church, Repton

In 873 Mercia, the largest Anglo-Saxon kingdom, fell from history. This recce will walk the ground seeking evidence of battle, locating warriors burials and determining how the Vikings achieved victory. The recce will end, COVID measures permitting, with a pub lunch in Repton. To seize this opportunity to re-sharpen your guiding sword arm and renew […]

Thermopylae and Artemisium Recce – CANCELLED

Due to numbers, this recce has been cancelled this year. The recce would have covered the Four Battles which decided the fate of fledgling democracy in the Greco-Persian War of 480BC. The recce follows the route of the Persian invasion, beginning on the Island of Skiathos before crossing the Straits of Artemisium to Thermopylae. The […]


Special Forces in the UK


The Guild Special Forces recce will take place on the 11th and 12th September 2021 in the Poole area. The theme of the recce is the development of Special Forces capabilities during WW2 and will study the Special Operations Executive, The Auxiliary Units, the Special Raiding Force, Special Forces Communications, Air support to SF operations, […]

Somme Recce

Taking a Guild recce format with participating Guild members passing on their knowledge of the battlefield and tour tips based on experience. Participants will be invited to share their knowledge with the group as we visit possible "stands" around the battlefields. Newcomers to the Guild and battlefield guiding on the Western Front need not be […]


Guild Portuguese Peninsular War Recce – Rescheduled Dates


This Recce had been scheduled to take place in April 2020 but was postponed as Europe went into Covid 19 lock-down which prevented all but non-essential travel. The recce has now been provisionally rescheduled to 2-7 March 2022 Please contact the organiser if you are interested in going if you were not down to go […]


EOD, Malta


The Guild recce to Malta will take place in April 2022.  The theme of the recce is the defence of Malta during WW2, with the emphasis being on the Explosive Ordnance Disposal capability of the islands.  To provide background and context, it will also cover air and sea campaigns, the experience of the Maltese population […]

Commando and Ranger Event

This event will study the creation and reformation of the WW2 Commando and Ranger units and their notable missions from WW2 to their role today.  Based in scenic Scotland at Achnacarry, it will also study the SOE paramilitary training at Arisaig House (and surrounding estates) and will feature the usual dinner and quiz night, pertinent […]

Guild Recce: “Wellington’s Way” – Peninsular War

‘Wellington’s Way’ “I am going to take a little sleep. Watch with your glass. You see that large stone? Call me when the head of the French column reaches that point.” Wellington to Lord Fitzroy Somerset prior to his great victory at Salamanca, 22 July 1812   Recce Overview: The intent of this eight-day reconnaissance […]

Cold War Recce

A Cold War recce is planned for September 2023. It will be held in the former East Germany (GDR) and will study both NATO and the Warsaw Pact Naval capability, Air capability, Land capability, the use of Special Forces, Intelligence gathering and the Soviet plan to invade Berlin and Western Europe. The event would have […]

Normandy Recce

The Guild will be running a recce in Normandy in November 2023.  Dates are Friday 3 November to Sunday 5 November.  The aim is to cover the British and Canadian break out battles.  Please note the dates in your diary for now. Full details will be available in the New Year and we will be […]

Ypres Recce

The Guild will conduct an Ypres recce 11-15 March 2024 , very much along the lines of the 2022 Guild Somme recce. The purpose will be to focus on some of the lesser known aspects of the Immortal Salient. The outline programme will be: 11 March. Deploy 12 March. The Indian Corps in the Salient […]