The Guild Awards

The Guild of Battlefield Guides has a number of annual awards for both members and the tour industry.

The Old Bill AwardThe Nathaniel Wade AwardThe Richard Holmes AwardThe Will Townend AwardThe David Chandler Award

The David Chandler Award

Award Holders

2006Iain Standen
2007Alison Hine
2008David Winn
2009Terry Webb
2010Paul Oldfield
2011Tony Scott
2012Clive Hallam-Baker
2014Carlo Larosa
2015Anthony Rich
2016John Harris
2017Glenn Stennes
2019Bob Shaw
2020Joris Nieuwint
2021Not awarded

The David Chandler Award commemorates the significant academic contribution of one of Britain’s leading military historians to our understanding of military history. The Award takes the form of a Napoleonic French Eagle. It was donated by Mike Buckmaster-Brown in 2006.

Award Ethos

The award honours the memory of the late David Chandler the historian – in particular his research into military history and his academic contribution to a wider understanding of Napoleonic warfare.

Qualification Period

The David Chandler Award is presented to a validation candidate in recognition of the the best Above Standard presentation of an Assignment 6 (that is not a re-submission) during the preceding year.

Qualification Criteria

This award is restricted to Guild of Battlefield Guild Members – all categories of membership who have successfully completed Assignment Six are eligible to be nominated for this award.

Selection of Award Winner

The winner of the award will be selected by the Accreditation Director, in consultation with the other Guild Validation Team members.  The award will usually be presented by the Accreditation Director at the Annual Conference Dinner.