The Guild Awards

The Guild of Battlefield Guides has a number of annual awards for both members and the tour industry.

The Old Bill AwardThe Nathaniel Wade AwardThe Richard Holmes AwardThe Will Townend AwardThe David Chandler Award

Honorary Membership

Award Holders

Lord Richard Faulkner
Mrs Lizzie Holmes
Mr Tonie Holt
Mrs Valmai Holt
Col John Hughes-Wilson
Prof Gary Sheffield
Dr Chris Scott

The award of Honorary membership of the Guild entitles the recipient to life-long membership of the Guild at no cost to the individual.  This level of membership is recognised in the Guild’s Constitution and is equivalent to an Accredited Member as regards Member’s rights and obligations other than not having to pay an annual subscription.

Honorary Membership of the Guild is awarded to an individual who, in the opinion of the Management Board of the Guild, meets the criteria to be honoured with this prestigious category of membership.


An individual who has been awarded Honorary Membership will amongst other things:

  • have carried out a significant role or roles on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the Guild and the whole membership
  • made a significant contribution to furthering the aims and goals of the Guild
  • have furthered the aims and goals of the Guild through significant input to national and international groups, committees or organisations on behalf of the Guild and the profession of battlefield guiding over the course of his or her career.

Present Honorary Members

The Guild is pleased to have been able to award Honorary Membership to the persons listed on this page.